Please Read before Selling a House without a REALTOR

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My brokerage will earn a commission on the sale of your home along with any broker who presents an acceptable offer on behalf a buyer to buy whenever I am trusted to help an owner sell a house.   The benefits that those owners enjoy for that service, however, typically make the use of these channels well worth the investment.  Read on to find out  why selling a home without a REALTOR could be a mistake.

Selling a House without a REALTOR

Here's what you should know about the path ahead before attempting to sell your home without the services of a licensed, insured, screened real estate agent who is compelled to work on behalf of the client rather than themselves.

The Costly Pitfalls of Selling a House by FSBO

There's plenty of research over the internet that describes issues associated with FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Sales.  Yes, owners can save money and avoid brokerage sales commission by selling their homes though FSBO.  But the properties of owners who chose to work with real estate agents, however, consistently sell for prices that are high enough to offset those commissions and the other selling fees with more proceeds from the sale than they would have had if the transaction closed without an agent.  Call for an estimate of the net proceeds when selling your house.

Why Offers from TV Advertisers May Not be Ideal

While you're researching FSBOs, also look up "flipping" in real estate, a term that describes the practice of buying property at low prices and almost immediately selling it for much higher amounts.  The difference between the mortgage balance and final property selling price is equity, most of which would come to the seller in cash at settlement, whether that seller is you or the buyer to whom the property was sold at a a low ball price.  There is ZERO incentive for these fast-closing cash investors to offer market value for your home.    Let's get your home into the Metro Atlanta MLS Services and create the frenzy and multiple offers (often cash and above list price) that your home deserves so that you can get more on the sale.

Don't Get Taken by Offers via Letters or Phone Calls

Are you getting calls from investors or letters in the mail with no return address, or perhaps others displaying an image of your home?  These are skilled full-time real estate negotiators who have refined their own documents to ensure that their single-sided offers lead to contracts that are of benefit exclusively to them.  Granted, they're offering to purchase the property in cash and promise to close quickly, but the contract, once formed, will be loaded with outs for them and are usually priced well below market value.  After all, they're the only practitioner in the room, they have full access to recent property sales in through MLS, and they're in this to make themselves a profit.  Call to learn about the protections provided to both parties when the same cash, fast-closing contracts are established on a GAR Form (Georgia Association of REALTORS) written by an actual closing attorney. 

In Closing on Selling a Home without a REALTOR

This entire article seems quite self-serving, but the entity with the loudest blowhorn may not be the best fit for those who are looking to sell their home by owner.  As it attempts to make clear, most of them are seeking to make themselves a healthy profit while your licensed real estate agent wants a higher return for you (it's not all about the higher commission for this one, which would be much lower than the profit to an investor).  Before subjecting yourself to the high sales pressure tactics that are common among this desperate group, please call me for a free comparative market analysis (CMA) and get the supporting information to counter their objections.  Of course, I'd appreciate an opportunity to serve in the sale of your home.  But you have my word that I'll only provide the CMA, answer your questions and let you go make a decision.  

Please call Associate Broker of Real Estate Solomon Greene to learn what your Home May be Worth.

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