6 Facts that Gwinnett Home Buyers should know before Buying

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The cities of Gwinnett County are frequently cited by several national publications for being among the most desirable areas to live in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and the country.  Residents here enjoy the finest in modern infrastructure, affordable housing, healthcare, high-quality education options, easy access to regional vacation destinations, mildly seasonal climates, entertainment, and more.  But according to the National Association of REALTORS®, one reason consistently given by homeowners nationwide for selling a home is to correct a home buying error.  And while homes in Gwinnett County are still affordable, they can still be a bit pricey in this time of higher interest rates and limited inventory, so it is important to get it right the first time.

The website, Solomon Greene, Drake Realty, Inc., was created to provide some insights into the lifestyles here in Gwinnett County so that visitors can have some information to use when making a decision on the best place to live among these 437 square miles.  Still, some topics don’t quite fit into the context of any of the pages there that may be important to home buyers when deciding on the best property to buy.

What buyers should know before buying in Gwinnett County, GA

Cities make up only a small part of Gwinnett County.

Some Gwinnett County Cities offer their own services that are only available for use by residents of those municipalities.  For instance, only those who live inside the City of Buford, GA may attend Buford City Schools at this time, and police vacation checks are only available to those inside of the municipalities with dedicated police departments.  Since Gwinnett County is rather urban, and well developed and most of our residents live outside of the city, it can be a challenge to determine if a property’s location is inside of one or is in the county.  Know the location of any property of interest if more local control and city services are important.

You may not have a choice for some utilities at a property of interest.

The lack of choice for utility providers in Gwinnett County is the subject of many discussions over social media, particularly during the colder seasons when more natural gas is consumed.  You see, while occupants pay all or some utilities at the city hall of some municipalities, many properties in Gwinnett County are served by a single provider for electricity, another for natural gas, and still another (usually Gwinnett County) for water.  If having a choice of utility provider is important, ask about them for any property of interest before you buy.

Most public high school classes start in the 7 AM hour and finish shortly after 2 PM.

Traffic builds considerably on weekdays during the school year along some of the two-lane roads near high schools between 6:30 and 7:30 AM and again between 2:00 and 3:00 PM when classes start and end.  If you’re likely to be using the neighborhood entrance around those times, find out if a property being considered may be affected by busy traffic from the high schools before buying.  Plan ahead, watch for, and be patient with the new drivers on the roadways along with the parents of others during these busy times of the weekday.

Cable and internet service providers are often exclusive to a neighborhood.

The cable, internet, and cell service coverage is good for most of Gwinnett County.  While AT&T is available in most of the Gwinnett County Neighborhoods, expect either SPECTRUM or XFINITY to be the primary cable and internet provider and know the provider for a given property before agreeing to buy the property.

You may be able to get local affiliates of the major TV Networks and others over the air.

All Metro Atlanta Affiliates of the major networks come in clearly with our rooftop antenna here in Northern Gwinnett County along with a few other channels.  In fact, the amplified antenna mounted on the roof of our two-story home facing Atlanta delivers around 60 channels over the air through the cable outlets of our home, many of them classic TV, foreign language, and religious programming and we stream cable and other apps through a cable replacement device.  If the roof of a property being considered is high enough above trees, etc., check with the homeowner’s association and then consider enhancing your entertainment options by installing an antenna in the attic or on the roof.

Some Gwinnett County Public Library Locations offer creator resources for use by residents.

The award-winning Gwinnett County Public Library System is an incredible asset to those of us who live here.  Consider getting your library card to take advantage of some of the professional gear, maker equipment (Cricut Machines, 3D printers, laser cutters, etc.), and much more available for use at some locations.  If you’re considering testing ideas for new products, making professional videos, music recordings, and more on a regular basis, you’ll definitely want to consider buying near one of the learning lab locations.  Granted, any of us with a library card has access to all of the library facilities, but why not make this more convenient from the start?

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying in Gwinnett County

How do I know if a property I’m considering is in the city?

Your real estate agent would be the best source of this information, but the use of a preferred mapping app may also help you know the location of a property.

How much do cardholders pay for the use of library resources?

A menu of resources as plentiful as those made available to us at our libraries must be paid for somehow, so I’m hesitant to use the word “free.”  But I have never been directly billed for the use of any of them, including the 3D printer at the Hamilton Mill Location, full online access to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper, Consumer Reports Buying Guides, LinkedIn Learning, or any others.

How do I know the channels that may come in over the air?

One source is the DTV Reception Maps at the Federal Communications Commission, but our antenna gets several more than those listed in our zip code.    Another option would be the TV Station Locator Tool at Over the Air Digital TV.  Just be mindful of the many variables that will affect your reception such as roof height, obstacles, and antenna power.

Which cities in Gwinnett County have police departments?

Braselton, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Norcross, Snellville, Stone Mountain, and Suwanee all have their own police departments.  Tucker and Stone Mountain, GA as used here are actually areas of unincorporated Gwinnett County that are served by Gwinnett County Law Enforcement and the post offices of those Dekalb County Cities.

What are the benefits of living in a Gwinnett County City?

Aside from those described above, I’ve found the quality of life to be just as satisfying as a resident of the county since 2005.  Gwinnett County Fire, Police, Library, Parks, Schools, Water, and other functions have always exceeded our expectations and we are welcomed at city-sponsored events.  Property taxes should always be included in affordability evaluations.  But whether a property is located in the county or a city probably wouldn’t make much of a difference to the owner if it meets all of the other requirements.

Consider these ideas when buying a Gwinnett County Property.

To summarize,

  • Know the location of any property of interest if more local control and city services are important.
  • Ask about the utilities that serve a property if the choice is important.
  • Know a property's proximity to a high school if you're likely to use the neighborhood entrance during busy times.
  • Get familiar with the dependability of the cable and internet provider for a given property.
  • Consider the use of an over-the-air antenna when looking at homes for sale.
  • Think about buying near a public library offering learning labs if you're creative and entrepreneurial.

These are just a few things about the areas of Gwinnett County that a newcomer should consider before deciding to buy a home.  Granted, the Gwinnett County High School Clusters provide valuable insights into other area amenities such as the parks, shops, dining, and other options in or near the same zone.  But these six facts that Gwinnett County Homebuyers should know before buying may fill in other important gaps in their knowledge about the area so that they can make an informed decision and avoid errors in their home purchase.

Please call or write Real Estate Agent, Solomon Greene, if you or someone you know is looking to move to Gwinnett County in Northeast Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

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