6 More Facts about Gwinnett County that Newcomers Should Know

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Avoid surprises in your move to Gwinnett County, GA by reading about vehicle registrations, entertainment venues, and more in this Northeast Metro Atlanta area. 

More Information on Gwinnett County, GA that Newcomers Should Know

Gwinnett County, GA offers lifestyle amenities that are unmatched anywhere else in the State of Georgia, including schools that are ranked among the highest in the nation, sensible ordinances protecting the quality of our lives, award-winning parks, entertainment options, and more.  While many of those area amenities appeal to some lifestyles more than others, it’s helpful to know of the more notable facts that typically apply to us all when planning a move to Georgia and the county.  Please read on to learn more information that can ease your pathway into Gwinnett County, GA.

Registering your vehicle can be an investment when moving to Georgia from out of state.

To register a vehicle in Georgia, new residents must pay a tag fee, a title fee, and a one-time title ad valorem tax of 3% within 30 calendar days of establishing residency.  

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Gwinnett County Public Libraries offer digital resources and more.

Consider getting your library card to take advantage of several valuable resources complimentary to county residents.  A Gwinnett County Public Library card gives residents access to periodicals, research tools, LinkedIn Learning, Gale Courses, career tools, and other subscription-based digital resources.  In addition, some of the locations have professional software, and maker equipment (CRICUT Machines, 3D printers, laser cutters, etc.) available for use.

Consider the entertainment options in Gwinnett County

I love the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, but the traffic to get there is often quite burdensome.  Here are a few entertainment venues that newcomers should know inside Gwinnett County.  

  • Atlanta Comedy Theater
  • Coolray Field
  • Cultural Arts & Community Center
  • Gas South Convention Center
  • Gwinnett County Fairgrounds
  • Mall of Georgia
  • Red Clay Music Foundry
  • The Aurora Theater
  • The Bowl at Sugar Hill
  • The Eagle Theatre (Sugar Hill)
  • The Rectory

Follow the Gwinnett County City of your choice for announcements on the paid and free concerts, festivals, marathons, movies, and other events hosted there.

Gwinnett County Sales Tax Rates for the Essentials

Most of Gwinnett County is urbanized with national restaurants, retail stores, and other popular outlets, many of them displayed on the pages of the Gwinnett County High School Clusters.  Several of those businesses operate outside of a Gwinnett County City Limit, but some are inside, and that difference is usually reflected in the purchase transaction totals.  

The following list displays the sales taxes on purchase transactions outside of a city in Gwinnett County at this time.

  • Food at Stores: Two percent
  • Non-food at Stores: Six percent
  • Food at Eateries: Six percent
  • Prescriptions:  Zero percent

A few Additional Notes of Interest

Gwinnett County requires door-to-door salespersons to have a permit visible and dogs to be leashed.

A driver’s permit will serve as government-issued identification, but obtaining one requires a school transcript.  Gwinnett County Public Schools also issue work permits for teens.

Wrapping Up These Six Important Facts that Newcomers Should Know about Gwinnett County, GA

As the area grows, there will always be new information about Gwinnett County, GA that is important to newcomers.  Avoid making a home-buying mistake when the time comes to move into the area.  Write or call me at (770) 271-2156 when the time arrives to make your move into Gwinnett County in Northeast Metro Atlanta, GA so that I can help you find a lifestyle match that meets your needs for years to come. 

Please follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media to keep up with all of the rapid changes in the area.  

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